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Dana Robinson.

Dana is a partner in a private equity firm that is focused on blue collar businesses. He spent the past three decades as an entrepreneur and business owner, including startups that have grown and sold, flailed and even failed. He’s a recovering corporate and IP attorney who is passing his legal and business lessons down through his books and his courses on Linkedin Learning and other platforms. He also brings together business operators and private equity professionals to help business owners improve profits and ultimately plan their exit.

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An writer, Dana is focused on the entrepreneurial journey as a tool to get the life you want. Opt Out lays out Dana’s recipe for gaining agency, and personal economic control to live the life you want. Gig Out shows how to create side gigs that don’t waste your time or cost you money. The King’s Flyswatter shows how important it is to use your job to move up at work by gaining skills that can eventually give you the tools to become the boss, whether you run the company where you work, or a company of your own.

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As part of his commitment to teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs, Dana has created courses on many relevant subjects, all of which are available through LinkedIn Learning. With three decades of experience, Dana provides tips and tricks for entrepreneurs no matter where they are in their journey. Topics include everything from networking and negotiation to ideas and questions necessary for getting a business off the ground. For those with Linkedin Learning subscriptions, Dana’s courses are free.

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Join Dana and some fantastic guests as they chat about everything from the journey to becoming entrepreneurs and defining their own version of success, to how to prepare a business to sell to private equity, on the aptly named podcast Exit Plan. Dana uses “office hours” to answer questions of his listeners and readers. Be sure you send a question, or even call in!

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